Monday, August 11, 2008

Day 400 - Billy Joel - You're My Home

DAY 400
Billy Joel - "You're My Home"
From "Piano Man"

I have been meaning to choose this song since July 28th and have just not felt like getting on here to type out why. I have heard this song many times, and it is a beautiful song. But it gained more meaning on July 28th because my husband recorded a version of it for me when I was having a sincerely crappy day at work because he wanted to cheer me up.

Now if that is not love I don't know what is...

Billy had written it for his 1st wife for their anniversary as he could not afford a gift. I think that is so sweet and romantic and far nicer than any material gift anyone could receive... (in my opinion. Give me a song or a flower any day over jewelry and stuff like that... :D)

So check out Billy's version here.

Check out my hubby's cover here if you like... I like.... :D

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Miyagi said...

Hey Rachel! Congratulations for you post 400!! Keep letting us know good songs!!! Best regards!