Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 403 - Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man

DAY 403
Allman Brothers Band - "Ramblin' Man"
From "Brothers and Sisters"

This is one of my favorite songs by the Allman Brothers Band. I heard it on the radio and caught myself just rocking out to it. It is a great classic rock song. I find myself really vibing on the classic rock genre nowadays...

As good as this song is it appears due to some stiff competition it only cracked the #2 spot on the Billboard Top 100 chart at the time.

You can click here to hear a pretty clear recording of the song.

And here is a cool and rare live performance of the song. Rumor has it the band did not tend to play this song live a whole lot due to the complexity of the song structure. It required them to be more precise. The band apparently was more enthusiastic about playing "off the cuff" and did not want to destroy this song. Interesting....

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