Sunday, December 07, 2008

Day 410 - Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time

DAY 410
Jane Siberry - "It Can't Rain All the Time"
From "The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"

I was sad when I saw I had not picked a song for the whole month of November. Life happens, eh?

So recently Glenn and I went on a crusade to purchase a copy of "The Crow" on DVD. We had it on VHS but preferred to have a DVD copy as well. I had forgotten what a great movie this is! I love the story line, I love the cinematography, I just love the dark romance adventure story that it is. Brandon Lee would have had a promising career had he survived the filming. So sad.

This song is very beautiful. It has such an ethereal feel. Her voice is very enchanting.

Check out the song on this YouTube clip. It is wonderful.

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1 comment:

Donald said...

Nice pick, I almost chose this one about a month ago when I was on a Crow kick. I picked the Cure song and the Stone Temple Pilots' song.

I will catch you later!