Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 411 - Alter Bridge - Watch Over You

DAY 411
Alter Bridge - "Watch Over You"
From "Blackbird"

As I prepared to type this I realized my last pick was from The Crow Soundtrack... and a crow is a black bird.... just sorta funny... :)

So I must admit that I shamefully discovered this song via reality TV garbage flipping through the "57 Channels and Nothing On" and catching the song during the whole Celebrity Rehab show with Dr. Drew. I don't follow the show though I have admittedly watched it a couple times during one of my couch induced zombie episodes. Hehehe...

Anyway.... I digress.

So I am almost too picky with some of this style of rock that I actually embrace but this song is really good. It really moved me. I tend to have a softer spot for Myles Kennedy having met him on a few occasions. Him being a Spokane Boy and all. ;)

The lyrics are well thought out and I personally relate to them very deeply.

Check out the video and song on this YouTube clip.

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