Sunday, November 08, 2009

Day 427 - Ellis Paul - Heaven's Wherever You Are

DAY 427
Ellis Paul - "Heaven's Wherever You Are"
From "The Day After Everything Changed"

This song has become one of my favorite Ellis Paul songs in just a couple of days. This song MAKES me so happy. LITERALLY. I can not be unhappy when I listen to this song. It brings so much joy to my mind, body, and soul.

It is hard to even describe the effect it has on me. There are few artists that evoke that kind of emotion from me. But Ellis hits that button consistently. :)

The happy lil banjo at the beginning kicks this song in the right direction for joyousness! And the lyrics remind you to appreciate all the miracles surrounding us on a daily basis. We so often trudge in our own selfish sadness and depression and forget how much good there really is out in the world. Goodness knows in today's world we need to hang on to whatever miracles and happiness we encounter.

If you feel that stress than you need to do yourself a favor and purchase "The Day After Everything Changed.". This entire album is so amazing and crafted so beautifully. It was worth the wait as usual. I have been listening to practically nothing else. Guaranteed it will not be my last pick from this new Ellis masterpiece. :D

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