Friday, November 06, 2009

Day 426 - Ellis Paul - Waking Up To Me

DAY 426
Ellis Paul - "Waking Up To Me"
From "The Day After Everything Changed"

Glenn and I were lucky enough to snag one of the pre-sale copies of "The Day After Everything Changed" by Ellis Paul. All of these particular pre-sales were also autographed! So neat for die hard fans like Glenn and myself. :)

We got a sample of this song in the spring of this year when we saw Ellis in concert in Eugene, Oregon at Sam Bond's Garage Pub. This song strikes such a deep emotional chord within me. Every time I hear it this song nearly bring tears to my eyes. Knowing how deep of a connection you can have with someone and knowing the torment of having to be away from them when all you want is to wrap your arms around them and take in their heat and their smell and forget everything else.

Makes you wonder... Why is love such a strong emotion? Why do some of us have to love so hard? So completely? So genuine and honestly? It's truly a mystery to me...

For me this song reminds me to just cherish those moments while they are there. You never know when those moments or that person you love might disappear. Enjoy the "NOW" moments. Tomorrow will bring what it will bring. You can't regret your yesterdays. You must move forward. But treasure the time you have right now. Take those happy, private, precious, amazing moments and savor them. Tuck them into your heart and remember them when you feel sad or alone.

Here is the performance Ellis did in Eugene that we recorded on this YouTube clip.

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