Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 19 - feist - Mushaboom

DAY 19
feist– “Mushaboom”
From Let It Die

I was just introduced to this song today. Glenn set up the YouTube video for me before I left for work because he just knew I would love it… he was right… it is so cute and fun, but it has this artistic creative edge that sets it apart from a typical “Rachael-happy-song.”

The lyrics I almost interpret as a take on how life should progress, but it is hard to say. This song is not one to be over analyzed, just enjoyed. Probably best enjoyed with a HUGE glass of ice tea on a warm sunny day laying in some soft green grass while breaking clouds apart in your mind. Good times.

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Heidi said...

I love this song so much, as well. The first time I heard it over a year ago, I listened to it over and over again about 500 times (no lie, iTunes said so). I wrote a blog about it on my myspace, but I think it's since been deleted. But, if you ever call my cell phone, "Mushaboom" is what you'll hear instead of ringing. :)


Rachael Layne said...

That is frickin' awesome! This is such an addictive track! I love it. We have listened to this whole album so many times since purchasing it. :)Excellent investment!