Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 5 - The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

The Fountains – “Build Me Up Buttercup”
From “Build Me Up Buttercup” (1968)

Build Me Up Buttercup.

Here is a special song that may not be the most genius, it may not be the most intricate, it may not even be that good. But this song makes me happy because whenever we listen to it with close friends EVERYONE sings, whether they love or hate it! It is a very fun song to have randomly come on the radio and INSTANTLY everyone breaks into song!

It is really kind of amazing; because nearly all of my friends who participate in the group sing along would never listen to this song for the simple listening pleasure… it is all about the fun.

This song was a classic among our crowd of friends long before it found its way back into the “main stream” audience on the coat tales of certain popular movies. (There’s just something about that…) *LOL*

So my love for this song is as simple as it is silly… good memories of good times with my friends who are not too inhibited to be silly.

Build on buttercup! Build on….

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