Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 120 - Jackson Browne - Sky Blue and Black

DAY 120
Jackson Browne – "Sky Blue and Black”
From "I'm Alive"

I don't know the story behind this song, all I know is it is seems very romantic, very genuine, and deep. It almost sounds like a love song but as the song progresses you can almost hear it being sung to a lost love.... perhaps someone who passed away....

(Jackson Browne describes the songs in his own words in this YouTube clip. Click here to see it and listen to it. It is a beautiful description and you can sample the song at the same time.)

So the song is well written in my opinion. It is human and you can connect to it.

A funny story is I had never really listened to a lot of Jackson Browne except for songs I heard on the radio growing up, however, I had started getting into buying CD's from Columbia House and BMG Music and I saw the front cover and I thought Jackson Browne looked really hot and attractive and so I bought the CD. Never having heard any of the songs on that album... I just liked the cover... *LOL* Turned out to be one of my favorite CD's.

I can put this CD in and listen to it front to back. I love when an album does that for me. :)

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