Thursday, March 15, 2007

Day 123 - Ellis Paul - She Loves A Girl

DAY 123
Ellis Paul – "She Loves A Girl”
From "Translucent Soul"

This song is on the first album I ever heard of Ellis Paul. It has a very deep story line.

My favorite lyric is:

You took your parents' religion
And you drank it down like a coke
It helped to quench your confusion
Now look who's heart that it broke

Those lyrics really made me think. Not so much about the subject of the story in the song, but it made me think about what I really think and what I think because I was taught to think that way. Craziness.

The song talks about a lesbian relationship that is not okay with the family, which in truth may offend or even disgust some people, but I see it differently. I think the moral of the song is doing what you believe in your heart is the right thing for yourself and having the courage to pursue it.

Ellis Paul, always the amazing story teller. My hero.

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