Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 223 - Phil Collins - Do You Remember

DAY 223
Phil Collins – "Do You Remember”
From "But Seriously"

This song just sorta crept in to my head this evening... no real special connections in truth, other than I just think Phil Collins is a brilliant musician and song writer and he has such a pleasant voice to my ears... Phil often reminds me of one of my favorite uncles.... The piano in this song really catches my ear... I have a soft spot for piano men... :P

The video was done back in the day when musicians were making mini movies if you will with music video's... trying to bring the song to life through visuals. I am not big on this style of video because I prefer when a song speaks for itself... (I long for the days of ugly rockers who just wrote amazing songs.) But the video is entertaining in it's own right and I have to admit the ending made me smile as I remembered it... :) This is just a nice mellow track that I am diggin' on tonight... :)

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