Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 283 - Jim Croce - Operator

DAY 283
Jim Croce – "Operator”
From "You Don't Mess Around with Jim"

My dad initially introduced me to this song as a child. It was one of his favorites and became one of mine as well. There is no question that Jim Croce was a master song writer. He had an amazing talent that touched the world so intensely during his short time here on Earth.

"Operator" is so vivid. The lyrics bring the visuals to your mind with ease...

The band my hubby is in, The Halfracks, performed a version of this song for the first time the other night that was so much fun and was so different but still rang true to the original. It is such a great song. (They mixed it with their original song "Michelle" and then it blends into "Operator", it is so fun!)

Check out Jim singing "Operator" in this YouTube clip. (I really enjoy this stripped down version. Acoustics performances are so awesome.)

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